Our Story

For most of our lives, we have been sharing our passion for health and wellness. As speech language pathologists and mothers, we spend our days helping people achieve their potential. When our kids were failing to thrive due to severe food allergies, we began blending avocado with fruits and vegetables to create wholesome and nutritious meals full of the goodness and the naturally rich taste only avocado has. After tasting one of our blends we experienced an “aha!” moment. and decided to share the magic of avocado with everyone!

We also realized that this portable nourishment option was one that all people could feel good about and would be excited to eat. We saw what was missing from the cold-pressed juice craze was a healthy option with low sugar and filling fiber that didn’t leave people feeling hungry and deprived, but instead made them feel good about themselves and their choices. Wouldn’t other healthy consumers like ourselves be just as enthusiastic to get a nourishing blend of avocado, superfoods, vegetables and fruits in a convenient, on-the go bowl? The answer was a profound yes, and the rest is Avoke history.

With Love, Avoke Founders